Browse Domain Tree

Browse Domain Tree

Post by Dunca » Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:54:34


I am trying to find sample code for Visual Basic 6 that
uses the 'ADsBrowseDomainTree' COM interface. I can find
plenty of C++ code, due to my limited knowledge of C++ I'm
finding it difficult to make any sense of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




1. Create a Child Domain in an existing domain tree


I have problems to add a child domain in an existing domain tree.

I do this in a lab environment. No other Servers or Clients. After set up
the first dc with the step by step from MS
p I try to add Client domain also by the step by step Guide
ncntrl.asp. The discrepancy from the step by step guide starts after the
"Child Domain Installation" Form. After this from, I get the msg 'The domain
"" cannot be contacted. Select a different domain. (If this domain
was recently created, its name may not yet be registered with the Domain
Naming Service.)'

I also test the installation with the "netdiag /test:dsgetdc / /v"
command and get also an error msg. Only if test the domain "msn" (netdiag
/test:dsgetdc /d:msn /v) the test is passed and I get the information that
the domain name "msn" and the forest name "".

As I say it at the beginning, I do this installation from scratch in a
lab-environment. Only on Hup an two servers (client comes in a later
installation phase)

Regards Gerhard

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