LDAP bind with DN to Exchange 5.5

LDAP bind with DN to Exchange 5.5

Post by Elmar Schalüc » Sat, 18 May 2002 19:43:12

I have a problem with binding a user to an Exchange 5.5 server.
When I try to bind username/password with the common name (cn=user1) it
works, but when I try to do it with its distinguished name (dn=cn=user1,
ou=People, o=mycomp.com) with or without dn, it fails.

How do I have to formulate the authid correctly?


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What kind of changes or upgrades or service packs would cause this problem.

The one line of code that used to work is:
bstrADOQueryString =

now I have to use the code:
bstrADOQueryString =

I did find an article that mentions GC://
This is where I got the idea to test this:

What really is the GC provider? Why would LDAP:// provider stop working?
I am working from the code provided (with no support) in the MS EXCH 5.5
Resource Kit called
Galmod.  I really need to get the LDAP way of doing things working again
According to this link
I have less attributes that I can have access to, by using GC.
This does impact the use of this galmod tool.

Thanks in advance,

Kelly Greer

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