Using ADO to query members of a (ADS) group

Using ADO to query members of a (ADS) group

Post by Shro » Tue, 09 Oct 2001 15:51:29

Hi All,

My goal is to make a full outer join between members of a (Win2000
ADS) group and the resultset of a sql query. (To see in one list which
users to add and which users to remove from the group)

To gather the members of the group I could query all users in the
directory for membership of the group, but the group-object has an
attribute "member" which contains the DN of all members.

Any idea how I could get that attribute returned as a recordset?

SELECT member
   FROM 'LDAP://,OU=Groups,DC=group,DC=corp,DC=com'
would return a string-array, and not a "table" on which I could
directly perform a "JOIN"



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