Use ADSI to read/set IIS file permission & folder settings

Use ADSI to read/set IIS file permission & folder settings

Post by debbi » Sun, 28 Oct 2001 01:25:28

Is there a way to read/set IIS file permissions (Anonymous, Basic, NT
Challenge) using ADSI?
Also, can you set a folder as an "Application" using ADSI?

Thanks very much.


1. Setting file permissions using ADSI

Hello all.  I hope someone can help point me in the right direction.  Is
there a way using ADSI and Visual Basic that I can programmatically set
permissions on individual folders and files?  I have found some sparse
documentation and examples on MS's web site but they are not helping much.
Is there an easier way besides using ADSI to accomplish this?  Everything I
have read on this looks extremely convoluted and it seems like this should
be a very simple and widely used operation.

Also, I think I am lacking the ADsSecurity.dll file on my machine.  I am
developing on Windows 2000 Pro and it is my understanding that ADSI 2.5 is
supposed to be part of the OS.  I have read in a few Microsoft KB articles
about installing the Platform SDK to get this file.  Does Microsoft really
expect me to install a 900MB SDK just to get the security functionality of
ADSI or am I way off base here?  I hope I am just lost and it is much
simpler than it is appearing at the moment.

Thank in advance for any help.


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