Querying ADsPath Returns SID

Querying ADsPath Returns SID

Post by Dennis Grishe » Sat, 28 Oct 2000 02:03:36


I am writing VBA code using ADSI to loop through the ACL of a share and list
the users and groups that have permissions. 99% of the time it works fine,
returning the ADsPath of the user or group. However, some of the time it
only returns the SID.

Has anyone seen this before or know of a way to stop it from happening?

Thanks in advance,



1. Searching Directory only returns ADsPath

I have having a god awful time searching active directory

I have tried using DirectorySearcher to get the memberOf value for a
user and I have also tried using OLEDB to search the directory in an
attempt to get the value, any of the searches don't contain an items
and in Visual Studio debugging is has <cannot view indexed property>.
What really gets me is that I can use ldp.exe to connect to the active
directory and view the memberOf value for a user.

I think DNS may have something to do with it but before I go down that
road I would like to know if anyone else has this or solved it


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