list of al the possible attributes of the class user in the schema

list of al the possible attributes of the class user in the schema

Post by Claerhout Ber » Wed, 13 Feb 2002 07:14:29


I'm looking for a way to query all the possible user-class attributes in the
schema. I want to become a list that is a bit look-a-like on 'the active
directory scheme mmc plugin'

is there any adsi script available for doing this? you can ask all the
possible attributes from the schema by following code, but you can't query
the description with this.

Dim obj
Set obj = GetObject("LDAP://CN=administrator,DC=sesamstraat,DC=be")
Set cls = GetObject(obj.Schema)

' Inspecting mandatory and optional properties.
msgbox  "Must-have:"
For Each p In cls.MandatoryProperties
    msgbox  p
msgbox "May-have:'
For Each p In cls.OptionalProperties
    msgbox p

thanks in advance,

bert claerhout


list of al the possible attributes of the class user in the schema

Post by Max L. Vaug » Thu, 14 Feb 2002 00:54:13

Your question does not make a great deal of sense.  You are binding to the Schema object and retrieving all of the attributes that can be part of a user object
i.e., looking at the Mandatory and Optional attribute collections.

What is your specific question?

Max Vaughn [MS]
Microsoft Developer Support

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IADsClass *padsClass = NULL;
HRESULT hr = ADsGetObject(L"LDAP://schema/user",

hr = padsClass->put_OptionalProperties(_variant_t(
L"ncstRankGroupPath1" ) );
of course,  "ncstRankGroupPath1" is a new Schema Attribute before time.

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