C# + ADSI - DirectoryServices.dll + Window200 + .Net +

C# + ADSI - DirectoryServices.dll + Window200 + .Net +

Post by Sri Prab » Fri, 26 Oct 2001 13:38:54

I could create an windows user, using DirectoryServices classes, after
creating the account, If I log out from my windows 2000 (professional), and
try to login with the new user that is created, it says no such account
exists, and I did check the active directory in the windows 2000 Advanced
server (where i'm creating the account) , the new user i have created is
I guess I must be missing some properties while creating the user. Do you
have list of things (properties and values) to take care while creating a
user in the active directory (like permissions , user account control, user
account type) etc.

btw, I'm trying to login from the web application using my Login page, but
using the windows user account. If  I check the windows integrated and
uncheck the ananymous, it is throwing the login window, I don't want this
window, I would like to use my login page? do you know how to do this?



1. ADSI DirectoryServices .NET beta 2 / C# Windows 2000 Server- Pro

After creating the account successfully, When I try to change the
password, I get the exception message - Network path not found


string sDEPath = cLDAP + mPDC + "/CN=" + LoginId + ",CN=Users," +

/// "*** sDEPath  =

DirectoryEntry oDE = new

object[] oPassword = new object[] {NewPassword};

/// Calls the 'SetPassword' object's method
///using IADsUser.Invoke (IDispatch method).
object oRet = oDE.Invoke("setPassword", oPassword );

///********** in the last statement I'm getting an exception thrown saying:
Network path not found.
/// I did check the sDEPath to retreive the other properties using

///********* of the user, thatz working fine.
oDE.CommitChanges(); // calls IADsUser.SetInfo to persist the changes

catch(Exception e)


//do error handling

return true;



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