c# - Invalid Token Error, ADSI & Tracing

c# - Invalid Token Error, ADSI & Tracing

Post by Rajesh Abraha » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 17:30:49

I am posting this in this newsgroup because I found some
discussions related to ADSI and this error

I had a Windows Forms Project which had a Class
File "AdUser.cs" which represents a Active Directory User
and had methods & Properties to Get and set HomeDirectory
etc. Every thing was fine.

I then descide to make my app multi tear and moved my
AdUser.cs to a seperate Class Project (AdData.csproj) and
everything still worked fine until I descided to move the
tracing functionality to the Class Project by creating a
seperate app.config file in that project. Also copied the
code below to the AdUser.cs.

                TextWriterTraceListener textListener = new

                TraceSwitch adDataSwitch= new TraceSwitch
("AdDaTrace","Trace for Ad Data Layer");

At the Trace.Listner.Add( , I get the below error.

Invalid token '(' in class, struct, or interface member

Any Idea?

Rajesh Abraham Chacko


c# - Invalid Token Error, ADSI & Tracing

Post by Rajesh Abraha » Mon, 07 Jul 2003 23:16:21

Just found out that if I place the tracing Code inside a
method or the constructor then I don't get any error. I
still do not know why.


Rajesh Abraham Chacko


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