None of my downloaded attempts worked

None of my downloaded attempts worked

Post by Punster at Lar » Sat, 05 Oct 1991 09:22:00

I attempted to download other files that have been
posted.  I get a checksum error on each one.  

Where do you think the files are becoming corrupt?



None of my downloaded attempts worked

Post by Brad Snyd » Mon, 07 Oct 1991 11:01:49

I have just been able to succesfully download Ton's Light Sycles
program, so the files (at least that one) are OK.

later. . . Brad


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Some ArcWeb users have been reporting problems downloading the demo of
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The URL is below, follow the links for Total Control.
Andy Armstrong, WonderWorks,

does not constitute endorsement by any part of the Acorn Group.

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