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Re; TMS34010

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>I have been promised TWICE a developer kit from DMI, but haven't seen anything


>Jes Sorensen:

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    Tried to e-mail this but it bounced, so I will just post it back to the
 TI group.

    As they say, good luck charlie brown...  My son Will is/was heavily into
 Amiga development, mostly SCSI drivers.  Currently DMI have several K$$ of
 his towards a TMS34020 board, and are neither delivering product or making
 any refunds (the same for another friend of his in Newcastle too).  All
 sorts of promises but no action.  I did contact some old TI computing
 friends in the San Diego area to get a local perspective, and it was not
 very promising.  I can give you the San Diego District Attorney's address
 if you want.

    Will is on the Amiga developer's net in Australia, but mail forwarding
 is poor, and I am not sure how often he checks it.  His current job is on
 SGI machinery, so the Amiga isn't such a big thrill any more.  I know he
 did have some stuff - a 34010 simulator on PCs and a bunch of other stuff
 for 34020s.

    He was up here in Newcastle this last weekend and said he thought that
 Real 3D was being ported (past tense may be appropriate now) to the DMI
 board by people in Denmark.

Tony McGovern  Physics Dept, University of Newcastle, Australia

Delphi -- GLOBAL01


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