EX610 PCMCIA Card service driver

EX610 PCMCIA Card service driver

Post by Dausto Cobianch » Mon, 15 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I've much troumble to use a
3COM Lan Etherlink III + MODEM 33.6 combo PCMCIA with
EX-610 TI Note Book.
OS (Win 95) look corectly to the card and recognize it
and also recognize the PCMCIA 2 sockets (TI 1130) but in the system
resources generate also a yellow ? labelled "PCMCIA card services".
If I look for a new driver, it does not find any one different than
or not supported.
So, when I use the modem at the same time of network, the OS crash...
No drivers conflict, no IRQ conflict, all seems to work corectly.
Probably there must be a PCMCIA driver from TI (not included in the
utilities pack)
but no one from ACER support or TI support (also in 3COM) are able to tell
me were I can find it:
                            INCREDIBLE !!
I just try also the Phoenix Card Manager, supported by 600/650/660 series,
                          NOTHING TO DO !

Could someone help me ?
;-)Thank you
(sorry for my -good- english).


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