FS: TI-99/4A Games and Stuff>>>>L@@K!!

FS: TI-99/4A Games and Stuff>>>>L@@K!!

Post by Rainer Ludlo » Thu, 30 Sep 1999 04:00:00

*       TI-99/4A GAMES AND STUFF                        *
*                                                       *

Buyers prepay totals, no C.O.D.'s. Shipping extra. Buyers will be
provided with my personal phone number and net references. Please e-mail
me at:

When making orders, PLEASE include your ZIPCODE so that I can compute
shipping costs.

Thank-you for reading!!

TI-99/4A Games(cleaned and tested)
ALPINER (purple label)                          $3.00
-Cart & instructions(both VG)

BLACKJACK AND POKER (red label)                 $3.00
-Cart only(excellent)

CAR WARS (black label)                          $2.00
-Cart & instructions(both excellent)

COMPUTER MATH GAMES VI (black label)            $1.50
-Cart only(white case, good+)

DIVISION (black label)                          $1.50
-Cart only(excellent)

FACEMAKER (green label)                         $4.00
-Cart only(good+)

HOPPER (red label)                              $4.75
-Cart only(white case, good+)

HUNT THE WUMPUS (black label)                   $2.00
-Cart only(good)

INDOOR SOCCER (black label)                     $3.75
-Cart only(VG+)

JUNGLE HUNT (Atarisoft case)                    $12.00
-Cart only(excellent)

MIND CHALLENGERS (black label)                  $2.00
-Cart only(excellent)

MOON PATROL (Atarisoft case)                    $10.00
-Cart only(VG+)

MUNCH MAN (red label)                           $1.50
-Cart only(good)

MUSIC MAKER (black label)                       $3.75
-Cart only(excellent)

PAC MAN (Atarisoft case)                        $8.00
-Cart only(VG+)

POLE POSITION (Atarisoft case)                  $8.50
-Cart only(excellent)

POPEYE (Parker Bros. case)                      $15.00
-Cart only(VG+)

SUPER DEMON ATTACK (red label)                  $7.25
-Cart(white case) & instructions(both excellent)

TERMINAL EMULATOR II (black label)              $1.75
-Cart only(excellent)

THE ATTACK (black label)                        $2.00
-Cart only(VG)

TOMBSTONE CITY (black label)                    $2.00
-Cart(fair*) & instructions(VG)w/addendum sheet
*for some reason cart has a small hole drilled in
 top of case, works fine

ZERO ZAP (red label, slightly faded)            $6.00
-Cart only(white case, VG+)

TI-99/4A GAME PROGRAMS                          $8.00
-by Frederick Holtz, TAB Books, c.1983, 226 pages, paperback
-an excellent reference work, many game programs

-by C.Regena, COMPUTE! publishing, c.1983, 358 pages, spiralbound

EARLY LEARNING FUN cart instructions(excellent) $0.75

RETURN TO PIRATE'S ISLE                         $1.00
-game instructions(excellent)

TI-99/4A BASIC REFERENCE CARD(excellent)        $1.00
-cardboard fold out has BASIC commands, codes, etc.