SD-Snatcher on 720Kb's??

SD-Snatcher on 720Kb's??

Post by Patrick Li » Sat, 22 Mar 1997 04:00:00


I was looking for SD-Snatcher the other day, but only found the
english version which was 1 big .DSK file. Isn't there a translated
version which I can put on 720Kb disks??

Any help appreciated... Patsie

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1. map '3d' mirrormaze of SD-Snatcher


Does somebody have a map of the 3d mirror-maze, located in Sids Garden in
the game 'SD-Snatcher'?

In a Dutch solutions was mentioned that there is one at 'the Whitehouse BBS'
but there is no telephone number and I think it does not exist anymore. Does
somebody have this map or a precise description how to get out of the first
(blue, yellow, green platforms) part?

Thanks anyway,

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