Sources uploaded

Sources uploaded

Post by Hans Otte » Sat, 13 Oct 2001 02:20:49

I have uploaded to Funet a large collection of sources, most written
in assembler for well known
MSX programs. I have acquired these sources from the original authors,
who have declared the
sources for free distribution.

I wish to thank the authors for making these sources available! Most
of them are not active
in the MSX world, so it was sometimes difficult to retrieve them from
floppy disks or hard disks
not used for a long time.

Making these sources available is essential for the MSX community, so
join this initiative!
Upload your sources!

On this location a page with pointers can be found:

This is the list I have uploaded.

Gert de Boom
MSX Club Gouda
Utilities and sources belonging to the Novaxis SCSI interface: Map
source, cd utilities, nfdisk

Jan van der Meer
MST member, author of MCCM magazine.
Sources of many Memman tsr's: MSXALT, JANSI, SHIFT, ALTLAD etc

Juan Salas
Sources of SDOS in Turbo Pascal, a file manager

Maarten Verheidt
Source of Fdisk 3.0, the BERT SCSI interface

Marco Soijer
MST member
Quintus, a versatile drawing program taking advantage of Memman

Olivier Hustin
The source code from an unreleased demo for MSX2

Ramon van der Winkel
MST member
Many TSR's, Improve, screen edit, miscellaneous sources, a very
interesting collection!

Ries Vriend
MST member, Jostel programmer
Sources of Memman, TED, MSX Connect, many TSR's, miscellaneous
sources, a very interesting collection!

Robbert Wethmar
MST member, author of MCM and MCCM magazine
Memman tsr sources: tracer, joysor, mousor, cmdmem

Roderik Muit
MSX Club Gouda
Assorted utilities and sources belonging to the Novaxis SCSI interface
nfdisk older versions

Vincent van Dam
Source of File Find v1.01

Dick van Vlodrop
Member of MAD
Sources of Flexbase, EPROM program utility for Toeprom and Elektuur
EPROMmer, turboR character set and assorted sources and information
about turboR

The copyright still is reserved by the authors for both sources and
the resulting programs. No commercial use without written permission
of the authors may be made.
Dont even think of trying to make money of these material!

The authors nor I accept any responsibility for these sources and

The authors do not wish to answer any questions about these programs
nor do I.
Ask in comp.sys.msx, the irc channel undernet #msx or the

Hans Otten

Please look at for
MSX hardware, guides, service manuals
Do-it-yourself MSX hardware articles
MSX Pascal programming information


1. UPLOAD: Elvis 1.8c (beta) sources and OS/2 executables

Since there have been a lot of postings recently on comp.os.os2.apps
regarding old versions of elvis (one of the most popular free vi
clones, for those of you just joining us in OS/2-land), I took the
liberty of uploading to the OS/2 2.x executables
for the just-announced 1.8c beta version.  At the moment they're in
/pub/os2/incoming, but eventually they should be moved to /pub/os2/new
and thereafter to /pub/os2/2_x/unix.  The filename is and
it contains both executables and formatted docs.

In case it wasn't clear already, THIS IS STILL A BETA VERSION.  I find
it is less buggy than either of the two other OS/2 versions available
(1.5 and 1.7), so I uploaded it anyway.  But note that there will be
further changes before the official 1.8 release (at least, we hope so).

In particular, because of IBM's major blunder in implementing ANSI
under OS/2, you can either have a pure 32-bit executable with no back-
scrolling, or you can have a hybrid 16/32-bit executable with nice
backscrolling.  Kai Uwe Rommel is working on changes to make this
switch-selectable (dare I say, even automatic?); this version has the
VIO backscrolling compiled in.  Why does it matter?  If you telnet to
your OS/2 system (which he does), then the VIO code doesn't work.  I
didn't think that should be a problem for most of us.

There's also at least one small bug which we haven't squashed yet:
after a ":!" escape, a subsequent ":" command should be processed
immediately; instead it's treated as a carriage return and the screen
gets redrawn (and the ":" is lost, too).  I don't understand yet why
this is happening, but it's relatively minor.

Oh, and I also uploaded, the source code archive with the
missing OS/2 source files and a number of additional OS/2 patches.

Again, both of these archives should be replaced by the release versions
when 1.8 is ready, so treat them as the beta code that they are...

Greg Roelofs (and Kai Uwe Rommel)

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