!!! SALE: MSX/MSX 2Computer !!!

!!! SALE: MSX/MSX 2Computer !!!

Post by <mikhail2.. » Tue, 07 May 2002 03:48:49

Deawoo CPC-400 Comuter with colour monitor
14" colour monitor.
128 Kb Video RAM
3.5" FDD (On of two slots is free)
Selection of Soft and Games
Cartridge Slot
2xJoysick Devices
Data Recorder Device (with cable)
Ligh Pen Device
Printer Interface
99 Pin Interface
English Manual

Excellent Condition, it sheme You can find at attachment
(Deawoo_CPC400.jpg). I didn't find real foto of this computer, but it looks
like attachment (yamaha_MSX2.jpg)

If you are interested in it, write in this newsgruop and leave your E-Mail

I'll answer quick.


1. Recherche MSX en France - Buscando MSX in Francia - Looking for MSX in France !!!


Guys and I hope girls, I am very surprised to see that my previous message
create so hungry messages. I wrote it in French because, I wanted to meet
people interesting in MSX in France. If you prefer I can write it in English
or in spanish (si usted lo quiere, no es un problemo) pero pienso que ne
debe ser un problemo para ningun ... sorry I hope it could not be a problem.
so let's stop talking about rivality between people about the language.

So I would like to meet people interesting in MSX in France...
Yo quiero encontrar personnas a las que amo el MSX en Francia...
J'aimerais rentrer en contact avec des personnes intrsses par le MSX en

My last question ... which language will be the most efficient ?
Ultima pregunta ... qual es el mejor idioma por mi problemo...


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