Modeling Collection Classes

Modeling Collection Classes

Post by ASP Whi » Wed, 06 Feb 2002 01:03:55

To keep this question simple, I have  Project object that contains a
ProjectType property.  I also have a ProjectTypes collection object that
allows me to get and manipulate my project types. How with the UML should I
model the relationship between the Project object and the ProjectType
collection object? Do these 2 objects even have a relationship?



1. UML Class Diagram : C# Collections


I'm new to UML and using it in combination with C#

Now following an example in the books of C# I have the following classes

Cards (Which inherits from CollectionBase)

So Deck has propertie of the type Cards and Cards is a collection of Card

Can somebody show me a small example on how this is represented in an UML
Class Diagram


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