Data Flow Diagram model Navigator (DFD Navigator)

Data Flow Diagram model Navigator (DFD Navigator)

Post by Butc » Wed, 25 Jun 2003 02:14:02

How can I export the data in the DFD Navigator to another
application such as excel or access.  I'd like to be able
to maintain a catalogue of objects such as interfaces,
data stores, data flows and processes.

1. Data Flow Diagram Models - Decomposition of Data Flows


In Visio 2k Ent, you can create DFD's as models.  There is a nice
decomposition option for the processes and some degree of flow balancing.
Considering my $3k license for Popkin doesn't have that feature working.....

Anyway, things get sloppy when in a Context Diagram (the top level) I have
one flow with two arrow heads representing ALL flows between the system and
an external entity.

This makes for a neat clean diagram.

Then when it's time to decompose and add more details as I now have major
sub processes of the System, I get into trouble.

1. What do I do with the flow brought down?
2. What do I do with the detailed flows created down that are showing errors
as they don't go up?

I don't seem to recall having this issue in Visio 4.5.


Don Gilman

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