generating reports in Visio 2000 Ent Ed.

generating reports in Visio 2000 Ent Ed.

Post by Maver » Thu, 29 Nov 2001 17:48:55

I did a autodiscovery of our subnet
When i want to generate a report from this subnet, for example all
servers that are connected to that subnet, than it gives me a table
with all the servers.
The problem is that when you look in the table, sometimes the
servername is mentioned and other times the ip-address.
I have examined the database and apparently for the server where the
name is mentioned in the table you can find the local host (
and not for the servers that are giving the ip-address not.

Is there a way to solve this problem, or is there any way how I can
edit the text in the table?


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Hi all,

I have a couple of Tables in a SQLSRV 2000 Database. It contains nvarchar's and varchar's fields.

I then used the Visio's Database Reverse Engineer facility to import the database schema into Visio. This worked fine, except that it generated a lot of user-defined data types which matched those in SQLSRV2000. I did not recall seeing them when I did that to SQLSRV7 Database.

When I tried to use the Generate facility in Visio to generate script for a different database (using SQL Srv as the default driver). It generated a lot of error messages and a typical one:
"error P1030: 'varchar' : The user defined type name is a reserved word in the target DBMS."

Do I need some patches to get Visio to work with SQLSRV 2000 database?

Is there some installation problem. The SQL Server's driver is 2000.80.194.00 and I am running it on Win2K SP1.


Leon Mar

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