BTS 2002 Orchestration & Visio 2002 VS .NET Enterprise Architect

BTS 2002 Orchestration & Visio 2002 VS .NET Enterprise Architect

Post by Zeb » Mon, 11 Mar 2002 03:18:48

BTS 2002 is documented a needing "vision * 2220" + SR1.
VS .NET Ent Arch comes with BizTalk 2002 + "Visio for VS .NET Ent Arch"

There's no SR1 available for Visio 2002 VS .NET Ent Arch... about box
doesn't give me a clue... nor does install guide, readme, Visio site,
BizTalk site, or my searches on the web.

What gives? After doing a fresh install on this machine I'd hate to*it
up with Visio installs...

Will BizTalk work with Visio 2002 VS .NET Ent Arch version?
Anyone actually try to co-exist Visio Pro 2002/SR1 + Visio 2002 VS .NET EA?

The products are shipped together as part of VS .NET EA... but I'm not
taking anything for granted.




1. VS .NET 2002 Enterprise Architect Visio -> VS NET 2003 Fails

I'm upgrading from VS NET 2002 Enterprise Architect to the 2003 version.
VS NET 2003 Enterprise Architect installed perfectly fine.

However, when I install the Microsoft Visio for Enterprise Architects 2003,
I'm having a problem.

First, I'm prompted to confirm that I wish to update.  I say 'Yes'.  The
Visio SetupWizard then comes up, but eventually I'm prompted:

"Please insert the disk:  Please insert the disk labeled "Microsoft Visio
for Enterprise Architects SR-1".

That CD didn't come with the VS NET 2003 Enterprise Architect CDs and I
don't have it.  I tried inserting my original VS NET 2002 DVD into the
drive -- but that didn't work either.

Any clues appreciated.  I'm stuck.


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