Loading Visio 2002 files using Visio 2000

Loading Visio 2002 files using Visio 2000

Post by Glen » Thu, 01 Nov 2001 09:42:22

I'm having someone work my Visio 2002 files using Visio
2000 to edit them.  I've noticed that the character
spacing changes even though the same printer drivers are
being used.  The major problem I've noticed is that shapes
created in Visio are sometimes losing its color and
pasting in Powerpoint with some gray in it.  Can someone
tell me if there is a way to work around this problem?

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At home i have visio 4
at work i have visio 2000
i would like in visio 2000 to save at visio 4 format, to continue my job at
home, but visio 2000 does not give me the choice to save under visio 4
Is there any add on or converter or filter to do this ?
a tip ?
may i solve this with upgrading to visio 2002 ?
benoit from bordeaux france

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