Deleting 1D-Shapes connected to a 2D-Shape...

Deleting 1D-Shapes connected to a 2D-Shape...

Post by Daniel Mose » Fri, 23 May 2003 23:53:04


I want to create something like a Trigger which automatically removes
all 1D-Shapes (e.g. UML-associations) which are connected to a 2D-Shape
(e.g UML-class), after that 2D-Shape has been deleted.

Is there some built in functionality for this, or, if not, what would be
the easiest way to do that?

Thanx for any help


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I am using Visio 2000 SR-1. I was attempting to hyperlink from a shape on
one page to a shape on another page within the same drawing. The online doc
seems to indicate this as something doable. I select an the shape to apply a
hyperlink. I pull down the Insert Menu and select Hyperlinks. I click browse
next to the Subaddress field within the Hyperlinks dialog box. This pops up
a Hyperlink dialog box.  I can select the page on which the destination
shape resides by pulldown and I type the name of the destination shape in
the Shape field. After clicking ok to both dialog boxes, I attempt to use
the hyperlink which returns the following error, Hyperlink to <dest shape>
failed. Make sure address is correct and try again. I tried attaching a
label to the destination shape so Visio could find it another way, but to no
avail. Would anyone care to offer some guidance. Thanks in advance.


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