pages created may not be valid

pages created may not be valid

Post by Meti » Fri, 12 Apr 2002 20:31:49


I have an ASP page which opens a Visio 2002 file.

On open the Visio file automatically does a saveasweb page command, on
successful completion of the saveasweb page the Visio document is closed
(server side).

Most of the time the above scenario works fine and everything is OK.

Occasionally, the visio file pops up an error message on the server 'SAVE AS
WEB - unable to save......pages created may not be valid'

Thus,* my ASP page....after further investigations: on the server I
clear the error message...and the ASP which is running retains control and
ends the visio application.

But, then my Visio document has become corrupted and things start to go
wrong. I restore my original visio and everything starts to work OK again.

After a couple of days (sometimes the next day, sometimes after a week) the
whole process of the error message happens again.

anyone have any ideas???


1. SymbolicLink not valid on USB2, valid on USB1.1??

I have a USB2 device that provides a serial number, which
the bus driver uses to create a symbolic link name. I can
use that symbolic link name to connect using CreateFile,
except on some machines on the USB2 port it won't connect,
CreateFile returns FFFFFFFF instead. On the same machine,
it will connect on the USB1.1 port. USB1.1 is built-in,
USB2.0 is via an OrangeMicro PCMCIA interface card.

The symbolic link I'm using is created for me in the

WHere "XTG20020845" is my device serial number field.

The SymbolicName is:

I create a name string as follows:
unsigned int SerNum = 20020845;
ostringstream strDeviceObjectNameBuff;
<< "\\\\.\\USB#Vid_8086&Pid_1130#XTG" << dec << SerNum
<< "#{a5dcbf10-6530-11d2-901f-00c04fb951ed}"

My CreateFile call looks like:
hInst = CreateFile(

Anyone see similar results or know why the CreateFile
might only work with the USB1.1 vs. USB2.0?  There is a
driver that creates a generic "Itpusbx0" symbolic link,
and that works for either USB1.1 or USB2.0, but it isn't
serial number unique.

I see this on XP and W2k, more frequently on Thinkpads.

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