Visio pro 2002 + Netscape+relative Hyperlinks=does not work

Visio pro 2002 + Netscape+relative Hyperlinks=does not work

Post by Jeff McCal » Fri, 13 Dec 2002 05:05:27

Hi everyone,
 Here is my problem.

I have created many flows with visio (500 +) and when I
hardcode a hyperlink to a shape with the full address is
works fine in I.E. and Netscape.


When I put in a relative path it works fine in I.E but not
Netscape (all versions). What it does is the following.

I put the following hyperlink in a shape in visio:

In I.E. it looks like this: - everything works

In Netscape (all versions) when I export this vsd file to
html and view it and I click on the shape to go to the url
it looks like this\jeff\jeff.htm

of course this will not work and I have a requirement to
be be able to view the flows in either I.E or Netscape and
I need to make the flows portable (move to any web server)

so hard-coding the url into the shape is not an option.

I have Visio 2002 pro with the latest service pack and it
does not work.

HELP !!!!



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