68000 assembler

68000 assembler

Post by Paul Wats » Sun, 24 Jun 1990 08:47:55

I have been scouring the archives in the bay area for a 68000 assembler.
The best thing I could find was version 1.00 of a68, a pre-release.
Unfortunately, it is very strict, and as a result, none of the
sources I get from Usenet compile!  

The biggest problem is that it chokes on bra.s type instructions
and insists on indicating sizes in indexed addressing mode.

Can anyone point me to a share-ware/ public domain assembler that is usable?

(Not that I can't use this one for my own programs just fine.)

If there isn't such a thing, does anyone know a mail-order (wait-forever)
place who carries a good one?

Thanks much...
Paul Watson

ps--  I am interested in possibly working to develop software for the ST..
I live only 2 steps from the Atari source in Sunnyvale, who do I call?