Wanted: ST BASIC, True vs Hisoft vs GFA 2 or others?

Wanted: ST BASIC, True vs Hisoft vs GFA 2 or others?

Post by Stephen Bla » Mon, 03 Jan 1994 08:20:06

All this is for a mathematician friend of mine who solves problems for me.

I am looking for a BASIC that is faster than ST BASIC at doing floating point.
(faster in other areas would be ok too)

Not being TOO different from ST BASIC might be an advantage to port some of
the work done in the past.

I have been offered TrueBasic, Hisoft Basic, told about the free GFA V2.0 Basic.
Is one of these considerably better than the others?  
Or does someone have yet another Basic that would have advantages?

Someone did tell me there is an old pre-commercial version of Matlab for the ST
on a machine in Germany, if there are any other mathematically inclined folks
out there.  And then there is Derive (for MSDOS) that will run under PC-Ditto.
Educational versions of that are VERY inexpensive and Derive is about the best
thing I have seen to do simpler forms of symbolic mathematics.

please reply by email if at all possible