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Some nice chap/woman has been posting ST-Reports to A.A.
can that person let me know why  str905/7/8  are missing,
if not, then could that person could post them up to A.A.
or better still e-mail them to me, as it seems to take weeks
for the New files on A.A. to get into there real directories...

Yes I'am still waiting for  'cker5a.zoo' to be in the Telecomm



1. ST-Report / CPU-Report on Usenet?

  I have been asked to post the following for Michael Arthur.  Please

  or post followups here for him to read.
     - David Beckemeyer


CPU Newswire/ST Report is a weekly online Magazine which deals withboth
Atari-related news and events, but also with current decisions and happeniNGS
of Atari Corp. itself.  It is already very popular on GEnie
Compuserve, BIX, and Delphi, but ST Report is also considering distributing
CPU Newswire via Usenet.  Since each issue is an ASCII text file typically
100K - 140K in size, what are the possible implications of distributing ST
Report via this avenue?

Also, since CPU Report (a column in ST Report) is about 12K - 25K in size, and
deals with the microcomputer industry, I believe that I asked you about the
feasibility of also distributing it via Usenet, and the Newsgroups which would
theoretically distribute it.

In order to further discuss the possibility of distributing ST Report or CPU
Report via Newsgroups on Usenet, could you reply to this message, detailing
your thoughts on the feasibility on this idea, and on how it could be

        Michael Arthur


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