Post by Rickard Troedss » Thu, 25 Feb 1993 21:43:00

S> I think that Atari users should move on.  Get A Mac.....The software
S> is so much better...

Where's the DSP?


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Post by ted croft bro » Sat, 27 Feb 1993 04:05:48

>S> I think that Atari users should move on.  Get A Mac.....The software
>S> is so much better...

>Where's the DSP?

Coming this summer in two multimedia Macs ($2500 and $5500).  They can do 16-bit sound,
digitize live video (with sound), use the video as a background pic, put
the video in a window, and some more tricks.  The soft ware that comes
with it is supposedly finished Casper (Speaker Independent Voice Recog),
a Text-to-speech device which smooths out the words so they sound more
human-like, and some of the Kaleida multimedia stuff (have to really read
the Macweek article to find out what all is in this...)

But from the sounds of the article, I'm not sure that there will be an
add on card for the other macs, if there is it won't have the full
functionality of the new Macs (Cyclone and Tempest).

(The Amiga with the same DSP is due out by summer too.....)

Sorry...but you *asked*.




Post by Christopher Mauri » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 19:31:24

: S> I think that Atari users should move on.  Get A Mac.....The software
: S> is so much better...

: Where's the DSP?

Where's the Atari with a DSP?  I'm willing to bet that Apple
will be shipping a "DSPed" computer in quantity before Atari.  
Atari has been TALKING about the falcon for quite some time,
but I see messages on this group all the time from people who
cannot seem to find one.

Apple is shipping 68040 boxes in quantity now!  Atari doesn't
have the R&D budget or the manufacturing capacity to keep up.
Damn shame.



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1. Macintosh Advocate:Devils Advocate...

Your right Atari was never in competition with the Mac because Atari had hardly
any product on the market and Apple did not know it existed because of its

Are you saying that the Atari St was never in competition with the Mac because
of its higher price.  The reason because of the high price of the Mac, because
Apple had confidence that their product was worth more.  They plowed the
profits in R&D, marketing(Advertising!!!!) and taking care of their developers
and customers...Are all ST owners Cheap?????????? The reason that Atari is in
this mess today, because they competed on the cheap according to the Nintendo
lawyer.  Atari can't even upgrade its hardware because they charge soo little.
The St technology today is were it was at in 1985...Thats pathetic...It just
tells you the imcompetence of the Atari owners...You know who you are!!!!!

Over the Years, the St was cheaper than the Mac Equivelants, but Apple sold far
more Macs than the St.  Why was that?  If you say it was superior marketing
than you are right.  Atari should of charged more to fund their marketing
efforts and if they did, then there would be a higher install base of ST's.
Who knows, than Atari would have the R&D funding to improve their line...

The ST was revolutionary back in 1985, but it is not today.....

I hope the Falcon suceeds, but I doubt it.  

By the way can you upgrade the Falcons processor to a faster 030 chip or do you
have to buy a future faster machine...

At least the Mac Color Classic user can upgrade to a faster 040 color classic
by the summer time, by sliding out the very small motherboard and replacing it
with the new one...Another Apple technological Advance with the user in
mind...Thats what you get for spending 600 million dollars in R&D last year...

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