Stereo Tek 3-D Glasses 4 sale

Stereo Tek 3-D Glasses 4 sale

Post by BRYEDEWA.. » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 13:32:50

I have a pair of Stereo-TEK 3-d glasses for sale. I will take the best
offer I get by Jan 15. Leave mail.


1. Stereo-tek 3D-glasses

Date:          Wed, 13 May 87 20:33 EDT

Organization:  University of Louisville
Subject:       Stereo-tek 3D-glasses

ST-and-STereo-tek users:

Do the stereo tek glases come with adaquit doccumentation on their use?
Why is the ST so well suited for use of this device? Could an 8-bit interface
for the 3D glasses be constructed?. I want concrete technical facts on why or
why not this would work.

William (mike) Buford

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