**** ]]] STe NOW AVAIL. IN U.S.!! / 4 SALE IN SAN JOSE, CA ***

**** ]]] STe NOW AVAIL. IN U.S.!! / 4 SALE IN SAN JOSE, CA ***

Post by Bryan Jones Woodwor » Wed, 20 Jun 1990 11:00:17

Good golly!  After posting about what a friend told me "the STe is for sale
in ONE state that I know of," and
that he would not tell me which, I
thougt to myself.. what if it were available in CA?  In the Bay Area!  Would
that not be trippy...?

So I called SAN JOSE COMPUTER and they have the 1o4oSTe in STOCK!  NOW!  Well
actually I dont know if they are in stock, they may have sold out already.
Here is how the conversation went,
verbatim from 5 minutes ago:

SJC=San Jose Computer salesman

M:  Hello do you have the STe?
SJC:  yes but its the 1O4OSTe
M:  How much!
SJC:  Six hundred and ninety-nine dollars.
M:  So the 1o4oSTe is six hundred and ninety-nine dollars with color?
SJC:  No.  That is just for the STe.  For color it is about nine-hundred and
fifty dollars.
M:  Ok thanks!

Somewhat shocking, no?  I realize the STe is a souped-up ST, but not that
much right!   But take into account
that we have been seeing lots of used STs for sale for $5oo for color systems
and 1 meg and two DS/DD drives [some systems even with a 4omeg HD] and you
conclude that the new ST base systems are much more expensive.

For example SJC sells the plain vanilla 1O4O ST with a color monitor for
Nine hundred and forty-eight dollars.  Dont forget tax.

When you hear that, a brand-new STe color system, for "about nine-hundred and
fifty dollars" is very good!  Yeah!

So..there ya go!  Review:  The 1o4oSTE is now available in the Bay Area.
More exactly, for sale at San Jose Computers, San Jose, CA.

Looks like Atari is doing something good again!  How long has the STe been
available to the rest of the world?
Or, how long of a delay has it been for the Ste to be available in the U.S.?

Well!  I should have an STe by mid-August.  It will take a little longer
to save up.  I was gonna get a used ST for $5oo, but FORGET THAT!  Im going

A very happy Metalist


**** ]]] STe NOW AVAIL. IN U.S.!! / 4 SALE IN SAN JOSE, CA ***

Post by Chuck Rickard; ( » Thu, 21 Jun 1990 21:46:57

I was just at Toad Computers in Maryland and they had SIX STe's in stock.
And guess what!  Their selling price for the CPU only was just $590!  The
color system was going for $899, also.

There is one big problem with the STe's in america.  THEY DIDN'T FIX THE BUGS
no matter what you set in the DESKTOP.INF file.  They do include a patch for
it, but that is no way to sell a new computer!

Charles Rickard
University of Maryland
Baltimore County


**** ]]] STe NOW AVAIL. IN U.S.!! / 4 SALE IN SAN JOSE, CA ***

Post by Chris All » Sat, 23 Jun 1990 16:11:16

>They still boot up in low-res
>no matter what you set in the DESKTOP.INF file.  They do include a patch for

If you save your desktop on a MONO monitor, the STe will boot up in medium
rez. [At least this is true for all uk ones that I have seen so far].


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1. Any atari users in San Jose, Ca?

This is like a shot in the dark. BUT

How about even SANTA CLARA, CA? (which is where I live)

I am just looking for some local atari users to rap with, exchange

Eveytime I take a walk down the block, I always wonder if anybody in
THAT house or THAT house uses Atari? Or is it all mac and PC?
But you never know. It's Always a small world.

One time I was looking thru my old keyboard mags, read a letter  
from a guy who was complaning that keyboard does'nt sopport Atari users
anymore. The  guy writting was in Palo Alto. So I called Information,
got the guys number, and asked "Do you use Atari?" (the fatal
question) he answered "OF COURSE!" and we have become good friends
since. He got me on the internet with Cab, turned me on to Dr T Midi
stuff and more. So you never know unless you try! guess I am rambl'in
on. Anybody else with similear stories?

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