Falon Owners List

Falon Owners List

Post by Rod McCa » Sat, 29 Apr 1995 04:00:00

If you wish to receive a copy and/or subscribe to it please email me.

To be put on the list simply complete what is below and send it to me.
The idea of the list is NOT to compete with any other groups, but simply
to provide a list of those who are available via internet email. It is
suggested that you also subscribe to Falcon FacTT File or similar. If
you wish to also get in contact with other users who are not available
via email.




email address:

I use it for:


Rod McCall : Dept of Maths & Computer Science, Dundee Univ.
President, Lip Theatre Co.  Computer: Atari F030 4/65 (yawn!)

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Falon Owners List

Post by Stuart Lyst » Tue, 02 May 1995 04:00:00

I own a Falcon

Stuart A. Lyster

I use it for telecommunications (Flash 2) *, wordprocessing and
spreadsheet (AW).


1. Falcon's Owner List and Developers List

Since Rod McCall left the atari scene I've had his atari stuff on my web
pages.  Since a major update is taking place I checked these documents and
they are a bit out of date to say the least.

The Lists will be started again from scratch so if you are interested please
contact me by email.  The old lists are up on the pages so you can see what
they are about.  Please state clearly in the Subject line which list you are
interested in.


Falcon Support Pages. No interest shown. No lists.


<><                         Davy Mitchell
            Computer Science Student,  ACSD,  Dundee University

   All new homepage http://www.mcs.dundee.ac.uk:8080/~dmitchel/index.html

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