HD fan tall tales

HD fan tall tales

Post by to_std.. » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 10:28:00

>>Now i have a Mega ST and my only complaint is the noise of the fan.

> I've got an old Supra.  The noise of the Mega ST's fan is *nothing*
> compared to the noise of my Supra hard drive.  When I turn my system
> on it sounds like something out of Battlestar Galactica.

I've got an old Supra and a custom built drive in an external drive case.
The Supra's noise isn't even close.  I'm trying to rig up a series of
baffles to direct the air flow around my house so I can turn off my puny
furnace fan... :^)

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1. Mega ST fan, noisy HD's, etc.

    Months ago I posted an article that initiated a discussion of
possible strategies to reduce the noise made by the fan in a Mega. I
saved those articles, but now that I have finally decided to try out
some of the suggestions, god only knows where I put those files. I use
my computer primarily for music applications, for which the constant
whirring of the fan is quite distracting. So, if you have any
palliatives that you know of, why don't you take a few minutes to post
them? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

   Also, and while we are on the subject of various noises, how about
suggesting brands and models of really quiet HDs? I have a 210 Mb
Maxtor that is rather annoying. I would consider replacing it with
something quieter, so again, comments in this regard will be


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