Time Bandits Revisited

Time Bandits Revisited

Post by CrackerJa » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 18:55:00

Well after many moons I have had a craving to play TIME BANDITS yet
again. Well I've picked up the joystick and blasted my way through
packs of slimy ghosts and *finally* closed Hotel California only to
be disappointed about not finding an artifact :( Is there one to be
found here? Yes/no answer only please.

Secondly, I have taken on the Excalibur puzzle only to be stumped by
what to do after drinking the green oozing muck (this is where I
left off the last time I played). What is next to do that I need the
super-human strength for? Or is that as far as I can go at level 1A?

- Ant


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Time Bandits Revisited

Post by dbr00.. » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 23:48:00

No, there is no artifact in Hotel California.