My STe memory upgrade

My STe memory upgrade

Post by AAron, » Sun, 24 Jun 1990 10:14:36

   I put four 1 meg by 8 chip 100ns SIMMs into my 1040STe and have had no
problems accessing the 4meg they give me.  They were part of a standard
Macintosh memory upgrade kit.  You must get EIGHT chip SIMMs (like the
Mac needs) for your STe, NOT NINE (Like the IBM needs) or TWELVE(like the
DEC Rainbows need).
 The extra chip on the 9 chip SIMMs lets the computer detect most memory
access errors, (Due to solar flairs or a disturbance in the force, or just
because it wanted to flip!) because it holds the parity bits..  The 12 chip
SIMMs have the extra 4 chips to not only DETECT the errors, but to even
CORRECT them!!

   I purchased TWO:
                        MICRON TECHNOLOGY, INC.
                        PC Enhancement Product
                        Xceed 2MB Memory Expansion Kit(s)
                        for Mac II SE/Plus (Low Profile)

They have worked perfectly for me, and people are wondering what works.
This is the reason I am bringing this information forward.
I'm not a "I liked it so much I bought the company" ...

AAron nAAs                  (Anyone want to buy 4 256k X 8 150ns SIMMs ??)


1. FS: Atari STE/Mega STE memory upgrades: UK 17.50

I have some 1 meg  SIMM's ideal for upgrading your STE or Extra RAM
Deluxe upgrade board.

Upgrading from 512k or 1024k/1 meg to 2 meg .... 10.00 UKp (Sterling)
Upgrading from 2 meg to 4 meg .................. 10.00 UKp (Sterling)
Upgrading from 512k or 1024K/1 meg to 4 meg .... 17.50 UKp (Sterling)

Along with the memory, you will get fitting instructions and a disk of
utilities. AND includes postage (UK only).

Sorry, UK and Europe ONLY.

Cheers! for now

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