Hard Drive/ Floppy Drive Combo System US$60!

Hard Drive/ Floppy Drive Combo System US$60!

Post by Keith N. Murchis » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I'm selling a nice external SCSI hard drive box with a
built in 720 kb floppy drive.  The box is Atari gray and
has about the same footprint a standard Atari colour monitor
(it nessles neetly under on of these units).  It is about
4" tall.

The case has an internal power supply, fan and two bays.
Bay one holds the hard drive (any standard 3.5" SCSI
unit) It already has a 20 mb hard drive installed in it
(replace it with a bigger unit if you want, but 20 meg goes
a long way with an ST).  Bay two is already populated with a
3.5" DS floppy drive, supported by a standard Atari controller
(also installed within the box).

The unit is priced at US$60 with both drives installed.  You'll
need a Link or Link II to connect the hard drive to an ST, or a
standard SCSI cable to attach the HDD to your Falcon or
TT (not included).  The standard ST/TT floppy cable is included
in the $60 price.  Buyer pays shipping.

Keith M.

613-727-0536 days
613-225-9643 evgs


1. FS: Atari 1040, Hard Drive, Ext Floppy, Software, $150.00(US)

After 12 years of reliable service I must regretably sell my Atari ST.
When I bought this machine in '86 I had to decide between the Mac (b&w
monitor), Amiga (512K and memory upgrades were external port) or the
Atari (REALLY, who considered the overpriced, underpowered PC?). I'm
still convinced that the Atari was the best all-around machine.

I'll sell for $150.00 US (OrBetterOffer, of course) and you must pick up
or, if you live nearby, I will deliver. I live in Daly City, California,
which is just south of San Francisco.

These are components of machine:

    Atari STF
    1224 Color Monitor
    210 Meg External Hard Drive, ICD connector (about 6 years old)
    External Floppy
    Epson EX-1000, 9 pin with sheet feeder (12 years ago sheet feeder
cost as much as printer!)


All the software disks and documentation are in excellent condition, but
many applications, especially games have been transferred to zip lock

     LDW Power (Lotus 1-2-3 clone)

     GFA Basic 3.0
     Mark Williams C
     Cambridge Lisp


     Flash II
     First Cadd
     Degas Elite

     Extra Special trivia item: Original 1985 Atari ST demo disk

     Let the games begin:

     Universe II
     Breach II
     Battlehawk 1942
     Dungeon Master (best game ever released on ANY personal computer)
     Chaos Strikes Back
     Balance of Powere
     Star Fleet
     Fire Brigade
     Railroad Tycoon
     Star Flight
     Sim City

     There's probably a few more apps and games out there. I can't spend
too much time doing inventory! Whatever I have, you get.

     About 10 books, almost all related to programming in Atari or GFA
Basic or C.

     PLUS: about 60 Start and STFormat magazines and/or disks. For about
30 magazines I've only saved the pages that describe the software on
disk but these pages are neatly organized.

Thank you for your attention,

Stanley Nowak.

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