Request for status of the 40-folder bug fix

Request for status of the 40-folder bug fix

Post by t.. » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 11:10:00

Could someone at Atari give us a status report on their 40-folder bug
fix? It's been under test for quite a while now, and the only thing
we've heard is that Supra is already giving away a preliminary copy
given to them for testing. I (and the rest of the net) have been waiting
pretty patiently since we heard a fix was in the works, but it's been
quite a while now.

BTW, if what I've heard is true, the program prompts for the number of
folders to allow. I would hope that it's possible to just put a number
in a file that the program reads. I'd rather not have to type "400"
every time I reboot.

Tony Andrews
Wildridge Consulting, Inc.
Boulder, CO


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Is the INSTALL.PRG the one by Juerg Lohse (->the man who wrote the OSS/
CCD Compiler)? If so, I've had the program on the SH204 here for over a
month without any problems at all, I didn't want to mention this to the
net, because I'm not quite sure about the status (PD etc.) of the program,
I got it from the local shop without any comment.....

                               Simon Poole

PS If INSTALL.PRG is the program I'm thinking of I don't think ATARI
   has any rights to it at all.

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