Corrupted STARTGEM uuencoded binary

Corrupted STARTGEM uuencoded binary

Post by sq.. » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 16:30:00

The STARTGEM uuencoded file that was posted up recently is definitely
screwed up ! There are several missing lines and a couple of other lines
that are shorter than they should be - any chance of a repost ?

Richard K. Lloyd,       ****** This is a VAX 11/780 running VAX/VMS V4.5 ******

Liverpool University,   * UUCP      : {backbone}!mcvax!ukc!mupsy!liv-cs!SQRKL *

Great Britain.          *******************************************************

"My opinions and those of the University of Liverpool are completely unrelated,
so I'M THE CULPRIT if you feel offended by the above message - I just can't
help moaning about Atari STs, PCs or clones, U**X, C, IBM mainframes, the list
is endless..."


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How should one go about uploading a uuencoded file to

I am unsure of how many k per segment to use when I uuencode the program,
and how to actually send the file.  I can't simply to an ascii send
of the segments, because that is too prone to error.  Any ideas?

I am using the cleveland freenet to access usenet, if that helps at all.

Marc A. Lombardo                                            User Address: an172


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