Personal Finances on Atari ST512

Personal Finances on Atari ST512

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To expand on Troy Carpenter's reply to an earlier query:

The current version of Phasar is 4.0.  I have seen it in the Joppa price
list for $US54.00.  I did an extensive review and tutorial on the product
in the March 1990 Current Notes.  I feel that it sets the standard for this
type of program and it is relatively economical.  The support to date has been
very good, although some may quarrel with the price of the upgrade from ver
3 to ver 4.  While the new release is not an entirely new product there are
extensive improvements to the user interface.

This program also does a splendid job of handling taxes, budgeting, and
other matters of personal finance.

I suspect that an ST 512 user would find it somewhat cramped.  I would encourage
and 512 user, particularly one who is using a hard drive, to stuff in as much me
memory as he can.  He will want it for things like NeoDesk, Hotwire, UIS III,
and the like, which are all essential to making operation on an ST smooth.

John Barnes

The opinions expressed above are personal opinions that have nothing to do with
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