Need help with Gulam/MX2

Need help with Gulam/MX2

Post by 100030 » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 16:05:00

Help!!! I just downloaded the Gulam shell and MX2.  For some reason,
MX2 can't seem to perform background tasks correctly.  Every time I
try to do a background download, it seems to refuse to send checksums
back to the sender and it just eventually quits.  I tried setting the
priority higher but it still did not work.  Has anyone gotten the MX2
kernal to work efficiently?  

    Roman Baker


1. GULAM: rx and sx - and help with GULAM & MWC 2.0

You can rx a file by UNDOing te (after having started up the xmodem file
transfer on the other side) and typing: "rx file".  I haven't tried to sx a
file yet (sounds like fun ;-).  Once the transfer is complete, you may
resume your session by hitting the keypad "0".

Now, for my troubles:  I can't get the MWC 2.0 compiler to work correctly
with gulam.  I get errors about missing "}" characters in the pre-processor,
and all kinds of other strange stuff.

I _did_ set the env_type to mw, and that didn't seem to help too much (any).
Does anyone out there have any ideas?  Thanks.


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