Need: 2 Atari 800 games, "Quarxon" and "Caterpiggle"

Need: 2 Atari 800 games, "Quarxon" and "Caterpiggle"

Post by Russ Gilbe » Mon, 13 Nov 1995 04:00:00

(Gees. forgot the name already. Author of Quarxon and caterpiggle.)
B&C computervisions has the APX disks for $4 each (some discount for
more than 10).  I see quarxon and caterpiggle in their list.
408-986-9960 (Santa Clara, CA.  Ad says buy now as some titles are very
low in stock.  Better to call, I think.

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Need: 2 Atari 800 games, "Quarxon" and "Caterpiggle"

Post by Christopher Brett Stron » Thu, 16 Nov 1995 04:00:00

> Has anyone out there heard of "Quarxon" and/or "Caterpiggle"? If you
> happen to have a copy of either of these games please drop me a piece of

> Program Exchange" program that Atari ran.

> I wrote these games, but years ago I gave away *all* my Atari equipment &
> software, something I regret doing. Oops. I'd like to get copies of these
> to run with PC XFormer 3.x.

Well, I remember both from the APX catalog.  I don't know what I own (I am
an Atari collector), but I seem to recall I have Caterpiggle.  And as you
are the copyright owner, I suppose it would be okay to send you a copy <g>.

I will check my collection and let you know.

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