Game designers workshop what/why/how/etc

Game designers workshop what/why/how/etc

Post by Timothy Wils » Sun, 04 Oct 1992 11:58:12

I noticed an add for CDW, in my atari-advantage (the falcon issue)
is this out yet?
if it is... are there any demos/games made by it on the net?
i assume its libraries for C, and not liek STOS.. corect?

anyone else have info on this product... you out there Double Click?



Game designers workshop what/why/how/etc

Post by David Bagge » Wed, 07 Oct 1992 03:46:20

>The Game Designers Workbench is completed... it's just that there have
>been some organizational difficulties with the company who owns the
>distribution license for it.  The principle author of GDW is Dave
>Baggett who frequents the Usenet, so why not send him email at

me.  :-/  It's a truly wonderful system that Neil and I have both
poured three years of our lives into -- that's all I can say with any
confidence at this point.  You may attempt to call DC directly about
the status of the system in terms of release date, etc.  If you find
out anything, let me know.  (!)

Dowloadable games created with it are HacMan II, DC Snowball Fight, and
Blox, all of which can be found on atari.archive.  They are in some
sense not very good examples, though, because we've spent 98% our time
working on the system 2% on writing the example games, and neither of
us is a professional quality artist.  The games are mainly trivial
(albeit time-consuming) examples of what the system is capable of.

Dave Baggett

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Game designers workshop what/why/how/etc

Post by Neil Forsy » Wed, 07 Oct 1992 18:03:15

>The Game Designers Workbench is completed...

Actually that's Game Workbench.

Quote:>it's just that there have been some organizational difficulties with the
>company who owns the distribution license for it.

Double Click Software.

>The principle author of GDW is Dave Baggett who frequents the Usenet, so why

I just don't have the same 'net profile' as Dave so I don't think he'll mind
if I steal some glory here. :-)
Game Workbench is a joint project by both Dave and myself equally.
I'm primarily responsible for the low level layers concerning image drawing,
scrolling, hardware access etc while Dave's code layers on top the kernal,
which controls sprite animation, screen control etc, and a friendly
programming interface that simplifies game writing as a whole.
As Dave says: "The Unix of game writing".

If you want more information about when Game Workbench will be released then
I suggest you talk to Mike Vederman at Double Click Software.

A quick note about the Falcon (I know no-one is interested but what the hell
At the moment Game Workbench does not support any of the new features offered
by the Falcon but that will probably change in the future.
However Game Workbench is fully Falcon compatible and will certainly benefit
from the extra speed in terms of sprites and scroll smoothness.

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