Cobol for ST ?

Cobol for ST ?

Post by LarsErikOster » Wed, 12 Jun 1991 17:37:26

Anyone know of a Cobol compiler/interpreter for Atari ST
Public Domain, Sharware or Commercial....

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1. COBOL for the ST - help needed!

Hi Everybody,

    Can anyone offer some advice here - I'm in desparate need of a COBOL
compiler for the ST. I know HiSoft still sell Nevada COBOL, but it runs
under the old CP/M emulator, and to be honest, I'd rather not! :-> Two

    1 - Is this the only COBOL compiler available for the ST Range?

    2 - Has anyone actually used Nevada under the emulator? Is it any
good - what's the compilation speed like, etc.

Thanks for any help you can give me here! :->



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