Printing Columns in AtariWorks

Printing Columns in AtariWorks

Post by Brian Rola » Sun, 11 Feb 1996 04:00:00's a bit tricky actually.

Basically, you use the data base side of Atari Works...set up however many
rows of cells you'd like as columns...and leave some empty rows for the
white space, or gutters.  Turn off the grid...type down one column of
cells (taking care not to type in a longer line than the cell is), and then
do the same in the next column.

Once you are your "Data Base" as a gem graphics file...
Then you can paste it into the Wordprocessor for printing.

It's kind of a pain...but as far as I know..this is the only way to
get AtariWorks to print in columns without running the page through
the printer more than once.

Really, running the page twice through the printer is the quickest
way...but if the mechanics in your printer aren't super consistant,
the columns aren't going to line up perfectly every time.

I think there is an example, and well written directions for using
AtariWorks' DataBase to print up columns.  Try ftp
or (this site mirrors I don't
remember the exact path.

Hope this helps,


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