STiK/CAB: It works!!!

STiK/CAB: It works!!!

Post by Andreas Schwartma » Sun, 15 Oct 1995 04:00:00


I just need to tell you, that I've installed STiK and CAB and got 'em
both working fine! No bombs and almost no reading errors! Now, I hope
that there'll be an update with extended features real soon, such as a
printing option or the ability to fill in forms.

Anyone with problems concerning the above mentioned programs: Mail me,
perhaps i can help!

Ciao from Cologne,



1. Atention CAB/STIK/ANTMail really works this way.

All of these options above make no difference anymore.. they were for
use with little utils Steve wrote for himself and the irclogs
dissapeared when irc.tos was made into a seperate program from stik.
Hope this clarifies things a little.


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