MYDOS CLI betatest

MYDOS CLI betatest

Post by Jeff McWilliam » Thu, 05 Mar 1992 00:00:26

Stan Lackey has just finished a beta version of a command line interpreter
for MyDOS.  He is currently looking for beta testers (sp.) to test the

and express your interest.  I think this is great, finally perhaps Mydos
will be as easy to use for us Command Line folks as SpartaDOS is!

Jeff  McWilliams


1. MyDOS CLI in the works ag

screaming something about "MyDOS CLI in the works ag...."

K>And this time I know what I'm doing .. sorta :)

Care for some tips from someone who was working on one when the blue
smoke that makes the computer run started escaping?

K>I'm just curious.. where's a good place to store parameters?

A MYDOS CLI would really be worthless unless it emulated SpartaDOS's
style.  Most programs which use command lines use the OSXL+/SpartaDOS
method of passing, and you would be best off working with something that
could pass commands to the CLI.

Here's my suggestions:

(1) Use a bank of RAM for the CLI itself and related programs.  C3 would
be the most likely bank, since it's the lowest of the "non-130 banks."
Switch in the bank, run the routines as needed, and bank out.  Use an ML
routine which would get the address to run from the X/Y registers, for
example.  This routine would best be kept in low memory.

(2) The way SpartaDOS handles its information is with something called
"COMTAB," the command table.  It's centered around the address stored in
$0A.  $0A points to a JMP command to run the CLI, and information is
referenced in relation to that location.  Study the way SDX does it
(it's in one of the appendices of the SDX manual, or I can send you as
much data as you need) and try to come close.

Granted, this requires machines larger than 64K, but most nowadays are,
and puts to shame the people who are complaining about 'no banked
applications.'  <grin, I was one of them>  And you can do a lot more
with a 16K CLI resident at all times than you could with one loaded like

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