AtariWriter Designer Sells All

AtariWriter Designer Sells All

Post by Gary W. Fu » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00

It seems like only a short time ago when during Easter vacation 1982,
I sat down at my Atari 800 using the original Atari Word Processor
to design the specifications for the AtariWriter cartridge word
processor. I was the Program Manager for productivity software for
the Atari Home Computer Division, and spent the next year managing
the development and productization of the AtariWriter word processor.
But time flies when you're having fun and before I knew it, I was
leaving Atari and had begun to write and sell the Printer Drivers
for the AtariWriter cartridge word processor.  I eventually built
Printer Drivers for about 145 printers and sold them all since late
1983 via mail order for $10.00 each.

Now comes the time when I have decided to part with all of that Atari
hardware, software and documentation that I used over the last 13 to
14 years because I haven't sold a Printer Driver for the last year,
and .... more importantly, my wife says we need the space in the
computer room!

Anyone interested in buying all or part of the hardware, software
and documentation should contact me (Gary Furr) at 1-800-470-0704
PRIOR to January 24th when I leave my current job for a different
company.  After January 24th, you can reach me through my CompuServe

I have not actually cataloged all of the stuff, and I'm pretty sure that
I have some source listings that some of you would be very interested
in.   But, primarily, I'm trying to get rid of:

two (2) Atari 800 systems with all power supplies and cables, work great
three (3) Atari 810 disk drives, working and complete
one (1) Atari 1050 disk drive, working and complete
one (1) Atari 600XL system ... brand new, never used, complete
one (1) Atari 800XL system ... brand new, never used, complete
one (1) Atari 1027 printer ... still works as far as I know
one (1) Atari 825 dot matrix printer ... still works as far as I know
one (1) Okidata Microline 92 printer ... still works, in great condition
one (1) Atari 850 interface box ... still works attached to 800 system
one (1) set of Joy Sticks ... worked the last time I used them, 12 years ago
one (1) 12" monitor used with connected 800 system
numerous cartridge games
numerous Atari manuals including several copies of De Re Atari

Business hours at the above phone are 8:30am - 5:30pm EST, but only until
January 24th.  You can get me through the CompuServe account any time.
Located in Northern *ia, price will include shipping to your location.


AtariWriter Designer Sells All

Post by robert erickso » Sat, 18 Jan 1997 04:00:00


thanks for a great product, both to you and everyone else who

atariwriter was my first wordprocessor,  and required learning way
back in 9th grade.



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    Alright, let me see if I have this straight...

    ...The AtariWriter Plus disk was made in 1985, and yet it will only notice
the first two drives, and they have to be single density.

    Meanwhile, the AtariWriter CARTRIDGE, made in *1982* will easily recognize
over two drives.

    Why is this?


    Doctor Clu

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