Sound/Picture Problems

Sound/Picture Problems

Post by Roger.Shepp.. » Sun, 01 Mar 1992 22:28:41

Some time back there were a few postings on sound a screen problems
with Mega STE's or was it STE's..

If the problem did concern STE's, what are the best programs to show
these faults..

I have just managed to get myself a very cheap STE, at a shop clear out
sale, say $230US for a 520 STE, it looks like I don't have the DMA
hard disk problem, but I would like to know about the DMA sound problems
and the screen problems that I think that I have read about..Thanks...

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1. Sound problem with win atari and sound blaster live

It's odd.. sometimes it seems stable and other times, it crashes.. maybe I
need to reinstall it and try again..

Thanks, I didn;'t know if it was my setup or what..

and On, I do notice with the blaster live running, it runs alot faster then
with the other sound card I had...


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