Tims MP3's : Page Created

Tims MP3's : Page Created

Post by Tim Conrar » Mon, 17 Jun 2002 17:03:13

Hi all:

Just created this:


Happy listening! Examples of lots of Atari-MIDI apps!

Tim Conrardy

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1. New Pages on Tim's Atari Midi WEorld

 Hello fellow Atarians

This is to let you know that I now have more pages on my site:(see sig)

1.Cris Sions's Copyist DTP (released as freeware now!)

2. David Snow's Atari-midi Software:Released as freeware.
These include
1.Midi Master Drummer: a Drum editor with sequencer. Better then
2.Midi Square: a "Music Mouse" type program
3.Music Box: a 4 part Algorithmic generator.Was a DIY project in
Electronic Musician but this version has enhancments.

Thought I would let all of you know!!


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