STik/CAB/MGFTP/Antmail/Forcast all work fine here :)

STik/CAB/MGFTP/Antmail/Forcast all work fine here :)

Post by Michael Grov » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

The installation program makes STik pretty painless to get going.
The only thing I had to edit was one of the prompts my server
makes (it was to long to fit into the auto configuration menu).  

CAB works better than ever. Still had to add the file 00000001.htm.
in the cache folder. No crashes so far.

MG FTP is weening me from the PC. This is working really nice.
I don't think this ever bombs.

Ant Mail took a few tries to get set right, but if I would have read
the instructions, it probably would have worked the first time :).
Is way faster than logging on with the PC and starting Eudora.
I'm sold.

Check's in the mail guys. (Ok, on Monday).

Peep, Peep, how can I do newsgroups? (TOS and GEM).




1. Atention CAB/STIK/ANTMail really works this way.

All of these options above make no difference anymore.. they were for
use with little utils Steve wrote for himself and the irclogs
dissapeared when irc.tos was made into a seperate program from stik.
Hope this clarifies things a little.


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