mac fonts in gem/signum format

mac fonts in gem/signum format

Post by Rene Muell » Fri, 09 Aug 1991 02:11:50

hi atari-hackers,
        i search the original mac-font in gem or signum format.
        can you help me with a ftp address or ... anything else.

bye rene


1. Need to convert Mac bitmap fonts to GEM bitmap font format

I'm looking for a program that will convert Macintosh bitmap fonts to
Digital Research's GEM bitmap font format.

We need to convert a handful of custom fonts.  Does anyone have any
pointers?  Even hints about programs that convert other bitmap font
formats to GEM bitmap fonts could be helpful.

BTW, it would be most helpful if the program ran on a Mac or an IBM
compatible under MS-DOS or Windows.  Otherwise, source for Atari or
some other platform would be appreciated.



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