mgr and the TT

mgr and the TT

Post by Craig Serv » Wed, 04 Mar 1992 04:06:19

Does anyone have mgr runing on the TT.  I just got a TT and I have to say that
Mint and the TT go great together.  But, When I try to start mgr I get a
Buss Error.  Is this a problem with mgr or am I missing something obvious?

Thanks for your help,



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1. MGR / TT

        Just wiondering if anyone can give me an idea on how MGR does on a
TT. Also how about extended video modes?

        Also, does anyone know if I can put a ram board ( one of those
'4 mb clipon' simm types ) with out any chips on the system board? I have a
failed atempt on a 520 and hate to habe to put all of those chips back uiin!


anthony lewis
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